Head On Photo Festival 2018 Kicks Off!

For those of you in Sydney Australia, the 2018 Head On Photography Festival kicks off this Friday Night and runs through to 20th of May.  The festival hub has moved from its former home beneath the Sydney Town Hall to its new home at Paddington Town Hall, but there are festival locations stretching throughout the city.  The festival features exhibitions, workshops, talks and pop-up events spanning the range of photography genres, including documentary, photojournalism, portraiture and travel - even mobile photography gets its own category in the festival - a sign of the times!!



There are 1064 artists, 147 exhibitions, across 98 locations and galleries across Sydney - so how do you know where to go for the best street and documentary related goodness?  Read on -  I've done the hard work for you:

So there you go, for street and documentary photography fans, there are a whole range of attractions  - head on over (see what I did there?) to www.headon.com.au, and plan your itinerary.  Or, if you are just around town for the next couple of weeks, be sure to pop in to one of these exhibitions and support the artists.  

Of course, if you have any tips, or think I have missed something worth seeing, be sure to drop a note in the comments so that we don’t miss out!