I am generally a happy guy. 

I am generally a happy guy. 

My name is Steve Dimitriadis and I am a photographer based in the inner-city suburb of Glebe, Sydney, Australia. I have a passion for street photography and am inspired by the world around me to pursue this every day.  My passion is connecting with extraordinary people through photography and telling their story through my pictures.

On this site I hope to help photographers who are interested in documenting the people and places around them.  Take a look at my post on why I want I am motivated to help you to discover, explore and learn about street and documentary photography.  

Please get in touch for licensing, commissions, feedback or to get a coffee, shoot some images and a have a chat. You can reach me by dropping me a line here or via various social media:

Twitter: @zonefocusnet

instagram: @zonefocus

Facebook: /stevedimitriadisphotography - zonefocus.net

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All photos on this site were taken by Steve Dimitriadis.