Urban Forest Dwellers

We wander the streets beneath a canopy of steel and concrete. The sun beaten skyline casts a jumble of angular shadows on the concrete valley floor of our city like a constantly creeping groundcover of black and grey amidst stark specular silver and white.

Amongst these hard lines and defined shapes,  the randomness of the street tree, swaying in the breezy, steel canyons of the city, casts a shimmering shapeshifting shadow on our urban domain.  

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City dwellers scuttle, tailored, busy, insectile, between office meetings, social engagements and shopping trips, barely noticing this play of shadow and light yet immersed in unconscious interaction. Every now and then they pause to notice or reflect.  

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Taking shelter from the heat, resting beneath to take a phone call, stopping to admire the filtered light, kicking up the leaves that accumulate on the footpaths and gutters or taping posters and signs to trunks and branches - a city dwellers interaction with the shred of nature still left in our cities.  Nature will claim it back one day, but for now it is a shared domain.

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