Another year over

Another year over and a small start for this street photography blog. As 2017 approaches I can reflect on the year that was and think about my favourite street photography images and how much I was shooting and why.  

By far the biggest change for me in 2016 was the change in circumstances with my office location, which made it more inconvenient for me to go shooting before or after work. With all the construction and transport changes around Sydney it made it too difficult to shoot and get to work on time as well as get everything else done that our busy lives demand.

Thankfully a small adjustment in mindset allowed me to at least keep shooting every day, which really is the best way to improve. I started at a 365 project which, although not always and strictly street photography, has forced me to 'see' every day and actively seek out images. Given the time restrictions above the only time I had to do this was during my lunch breaks or in the evenings But it had to happen every single day. 

In order for that to work I needed something super small and portable. So I turned to the street photographers favourite, the Ricoh GR. As it is so small and compact I can slip it into a pocket and literally take it everywhere during the working week when I am not carrying around my X-T2 and 35mm combo. I also made a point of having the camera out and in my hand every time I stepped out into the street. This really makes sure that you just take the shot with no excuses for having the camera in the bag.

By changing my approach to my street photography I was able to navigate out of a disruption to my routine where I could have easily stopped shooting until I had 'dedicated' photography time. I am sure now that whatever the future may bring, in 2017 and beyond, I will keep shooting. 

If you have ever been in a photographic rut or had to make a shift in thinking for your photography, drop me a line in the comments below or on twitter

Happy New Year Everybody!!